Fuel Interceptor

17 million

liquid waste collected

25 years

of expertise

Fuel (Petrol and Oil) Interceptors, also known as a ‘Triple Interceptors’, are designed to intercept oily waste containing traces of fuel or solvents before the wastewater is discharged into the sewer. Interceptors are usually installed at commercial premises such as petrol stations, garages and car washes. Harmor Services specialises in oily water removal services.

There is a huge amount of small debris from the fuel forecourts e.g lolly wrappers, icypole sticks, etc., that can get into the fuel interceptor and block it up. Also, a build up of fuel and oil spillages from cars and trucks will build up in the interceptor.

Failure to clean a fuel interceptor can result in substantial fines from your local water authority and costly emergency repair bills.

Further to this, an overflowing interceptor can cause significant harm to our local environment and waterways, which is a very real and concerning issue.

Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions is accredited by the Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG), and can install, repair and clean (empty) fuel interceptors on fuel sites. Harmor provides safe, reliable and professional interceptor cleaning and maintenance services, as well as prompt emergency repairs.

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