Fuel Forecourts Cleaning

17 million

liquid waste collected

25 years

of expertise

Fuel forecourts, being the area of a filling station where the pumps are present, are subject to fuel spillages and oil puddles from passing vehicles which lead to a build-up of unattractive grime and potentially slippery, dangerous surfaces.

There is a huge amount of small debris from the fuel forecourts e.g. lolly wrappers, icypole sticks, etc., that can get into the fuel interceptor and block it up. Also, a build up of fuel and oil spillages from cars and trucks will build up in the interceptor. Contact Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions and we’ll make a plan to clean and/or service the fuel forecourt and any associated equipment for you.

Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions can not only clean out the forecourt collection pits and drains, but we specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of the entire forecourt system.

Harmor provides a safe, professional and reliable forecourt cleaning and maintenance service and is accredited to safely transport and dispose of liquid waste, according to rules and regulations of the local authority, EPA Victoria.

As part of their scheduled maintenance petrol retailers should have their gullies, manholes and tank chambers cleaned and emptied.

Harmor can undertake scheduled maintenance works or emergency repairs for single sites or multiple locations.

Additionally, Harmor’s fleet of trucks can access sites of all sizes, irrespective of site access constraints.

For more information or to obtain a quotation, please contact us on 1800 HARMOR.

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