Emergency Repairs

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Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions offer an unparalleled emergency response service. We understand better than anyone the importance of your business remaining open and operational, and your home remaining clean and safe.

Harmor can be contacted and can attend to emergency callouts 24/7, 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Most types of wastewater treatment systems have a warning alarm function, which may be audible and /or flashing lights. These are not to be ignored. The alarm function is alerting you to a system fault which needs to be attended to as soon as possble. Please contact Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions as soon as you are alerted, so as to avoid any unneccesary complications brought about by leaving the problem to occur for too long.

For correct functioning, wastewater tretment systems need to operate under alkaline conditions. Some factors which can cause acid conditions and odour problems include:

  • Excessive use of cleaning products
  • Use of the wrong type of cleaning chemicals
  • Shock volumes of incoming water (eg. from several loads of washing in quick succesion or a large number of people at a party)
  • Lack of use of the system while the house has been vacant (eg. unused holiday homes)

The normal (good) bacteria may die off under acid conditions resulting in offensive odours. It is quite simple to restore the balance using hydrated lime available from hardware stores. Following instructions on product packaging, and if odours persist or you have any questions, please contact Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions. You may also need to get your wastewater treatment system pumped out (desludged).

Harmor can be contacted 24/7, 365 days of the year to undertake emergency repairs for your home or business, for any of the following services:

  • Grease trap blockages
  • Septic tank flooding or blockages
  • Car wash flooding or blocked pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Fuel interceptor blockages or flooding
  • Fuel forecourt repairs (fuel Interceptors, SPEL units, above-ground Oil Separators, etc)
  • Industrial wash water – emergency pumping of pits or block pipes
  • Truck hire

Our vehicles are GPS-tracked, which allows us to locate the closest technician and get them to you as quickly as possible. We can respond to your job fast whilst delivering efficiencies in fuel consumption, time and costs.

For all emergency repairs, contact Harmor now on 1800 HARMOR 

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