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Over the years, waste and debris that gets flushed down the drains in your kitchens, bathrooms and laundries can collect and block the sewer drains in your home or at your business premises.

You may notice your sink or your toilet draining slowly, or you might hear a gurgling sound from your toilet. This indicates that your drains may be blocked. There may be a broken drain or a foreign item stuck in your drain.

Water may start to pool/flood around forecourt collection pits or storm water drains or in car wash bays.

No, especially when operating CCTV in drains.

2-3 hours.

Typically people only get their drains cleaned when there is a blockage or the water is draining slowly.

Often commercial and industrial businesses that have high vehicle traffic, such as petrol stations, car washes, and fast food outlets require preventative maintenance for their drains to ensure there is no downtime onsite and/or restrictions to trade. This helps to avoid costly reactive repairs.

The common culprits are materials such as oily waste, dirty ballast, sewage, tree roots, debris, sediment, grease, silt and sludge.

Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions’ team of experienced operators can locate and remove blockages in drains, sewers, pits, culverts and triple interceptors using CCTV equipment, high pressure jet machines and specialised vacuum equipment, on both residential and commercial premises.

Harmor specialises in unblocking sewer pipes in emergency situations. However, to avoid downtime on work sites and costly emergency repair bills, your drains should be regularly inspected for potential issues. Using our CCTV equipment, our team of professionals can undertake this ‘preventative’ and maintenance work, and report on the condition of your sewer pipes for potential blockages.

Our efficient and reliable drain cleaning services include:

  • Blocked drain cleaning
  • CCTV drain inspections and reporting
  • High-pressure drain jetting
  • Removal of tree roots from pipes
  • Emergency repairs
  • Preventative maintenance inspections and cleaning of drains, sewers, pits, culverts and fuel interceptors

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