Car Wash Cleaning

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All commercial car wash businesses, have a series of pits installed in the wash bay. These pits collect and contain all wash water onsite, and at Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions we specialise in car wash pit cleaning.

The drainage and recycling systems of a car wash are designed to separate the pollutants from the water.

Pollutants include:

  • Car washing chemicals used
  • Solids from cars (mud, dirt and road grime)

The pollutants collect in the collection pits of car wash bays and in the triple interceptor, prior to the water being recycled or going to sewer. Over time the collection pit drainage and triple interceptor fill with heavier solids/pollutants (build up). These are required (by trade waste agreements with water boards) to be emptied and treated at an EPA licenced facility.

This is determined by the trade waste agreement that you need to have in place with your local water board.

You may damage your existing water recycling infrastructure. You may experience blockage of drains, causing flooding, resulting in bays being unusable and a high risk to safety and environment.

Yes, it is safe to do so.

This depends on the capacity of your infrastructure (ie number of litres) as well as other factors, such as the frequency of prior cleans, etc. The average time this takes is approx. 4 hours, but it can take up to one full day on rare occasions.

Collected wash water can be recycled & reused after treatment, or it can be discharged to the sewer network via a triple interceptor pit.

The collection pits and interceptors need to be emptied and cleaned regularly.

Failure to empty your collection pits and interceptors, can result in substantial fines from your local water authority and may result in blocked pipes and pits and costly emergency repair bills.

To address this, we offer efficient and reliable car wash cleaning services.

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