Australian wineries generate an enormous amount of waste every year. In addition to several thousand tonnes of grape marc – the solid waste that remains after crushing the juice from the grape – there are millions of litres of liquid waste water consumed by even the smallest wineries, which need to be collected, treated and carefully disposed of throughout the year.

We understand winery waste water needs, and have the skills and resources to suit.

Wine wastewater has high levels of naturally occurring sugars, which, if released into local waterways, could result in damaging algae blooms and other disastrous outcomes for aquatic life in local waterways. Furthermore, winery wastewater usually has extreme pH levels and high volumes of organic loads, which result in the depletion of oxygen levels in the water. Both are devastating for aquatic life and local waterways.

Wineries are also required to wash their facilities thoroughly during the harvesting and production of their wine. These massive loads of trade wastewater are often too large and too contaminated, to disperse to land onsite, and must be treated before being dispersed into the sewer network. This trade waste water must be collected by accredited liquid waste specialists and according to the trade waste regulations of local water authorities.

The majority of wineries are located in regional areas, which means they are not connected to the sewer network. All wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, including accommodation and restaurants onsite, must be treated by wastewater treatment systems onsite and dispersed to their own land. The septic systems must be regularly desludged by an EPA accredited liquid waste contractor, and regularly serviced by an accredited service technician. The Grease traps from commercial kitchens must also be cleaned regularly. Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions can undertake all of these services and more.

In fact, over many years, Harmor has developed a niche liquid waste solution for wineries and can offer a one-stop-shop for its clients in the wine industry:

  • Liquid waste solutions for wine waste water
  • Liquid waste solutions for winery trade waste water
  • Installation, repairs and ongoing maintenance and liquid waste solutions for wastewater treatment systems and septic systems, including irrigation and all types of waste dispersal methods onsite
  • Installation, repairs and ongoing maintenance of grease traps for all commercial kitchens, restaurants and cafes
  • Cleaning of winery bi-product screening tanks

We can also offer wineries an unparalleled emergency response. We understand better than anyone the importance of your business remaining open, and operational.

For more information about our work with wineries, please contact us on 1800 HARMOR.

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