Harmor Liquid Waste Solutions offer a diverse range of services to the Construction industry, getting involved in all stages of construction on a variety of different construction sites. With over two decades of construction industry expertise, our experienced team is accustomed to working with all types of trades onsite ensuring that every site we leave is left cleaner and safer than we found it.

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Safety is at the heart of all that we do for, and within, the construction industry.

Harmor equipment and processes are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure the safety of our team and the efficiency of the work that we do.

Our vehicles are all GPS tracked to help us to improve efficiencies, keep costs down and protect our expensive assets on the road.

Our services for construction sites include:

  • Liquid waste removal and transport of:
    • waste water
    • storm water
    • drilling and concrete slurry
    • contaminated liquid
    • mud
    • contaminated liquid hydrocarbon spills and emergencies
  • Flooded site remediation (underground water and rainfall)
  • Drain cleanng – CCTV inspections
  • Drain cleaning – service location
  • Detection of underground services
  • High pressure water blasting / drain jetting
  • Pump station cleaning
  • Emptying contaminated swimming pools
  • Emptying sumps in lift wells
  • Delivering construction sites that are safe for the people and the local environment

For more information about our work with the construction industry, please contact us onĀ 1800 HARMOR.

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